Can taking L’Arginine help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Most men are not ready to talk about their problems especially when it is related to their health. They will opt to get a solution by themselves without involving others. Erectile dysfunction is one problem that most men will rather not discuss or even seek treatment. This is because they see it as a shameful thing and they will tend to blame themselves for having such a problem. But all this is wrong. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem with most men and it is nothing to be ashamed about.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep a firm erection that is needed to have sexual intercourse. Most times it is also referred to as impotence. This happens when there is limited blood flow to the penis, or the veins are damaged. There are various factors that cause erectile dysfunction such as emotional issues, stress, relationship problems, drug and alcohol abuse or even smoking. However, it can be a sign of an illness that needs to be looked at and be treated early enough, such as high blood pressure, high sugars or even cardiovascular diseases.

It is frustrating when you are unable to satisfy your partner or even get satisfaction from your partner because of erectile dysfunction. However, this is a treatable condition and the treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Treatment will range from changing your smoking or drinking habits, counseling if you are stressed, taking medication to even having surgery. One natural approch that you can take is L’Arginine supplements that can help with erectile dysfunction.

L’Arginine is an amino-acid that is used to make proteins and it becomes nitric oxide in the body. Endothelial cells are the ones responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the body. They release an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase that helps in the production of nitric oxide from L’Arginine. The nitric oxide function in the body helps the blood vessels in the heart relax so that more blood that is rich in oxygen can circulate through the arteries to the penis and other parts of the body. It is important for healthy blood to flow into the arteries of the penis for it to function normally. If the endothelial cells are dysfunctional because of various reasons, they will not produce the enzyme and it will cause blood vessels to constrict, be inflamed and could cause blood clotting.

L’Arginine is one of the ingredients found in Viagra, a drug that has been used by several men to enhance their sexual performance. It is found naturally in fish, meat, poultry, nuts, oats, brown rice, and dairy products, but it can be produced synthetically in the lab. Using L’Arginine can have significant benefits. There are no adverse side effects associated with it, unlike some other erectile dysfunction drugs. For people who have heart problems, it can be used as a way of opening up the arteries so that blood would flow.

So don’t be ashamed as you are not the only one. Get checked to identify and treat the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. Spice up your love life once again and enjoy your sexual moments.


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