Who should take ProArgi-9+?

Nitric oxide (NO), the “Miracle Molecule”, is essential to your body.  However, as shown below, your NO levels steadily decline with age, with the speed of decline dependent on your genes, lifestyle, diet, etc.

An Infographic related to Nitric Oxide

From their 20’s most people could benefit from their body producing more nitric oxide.  This can be enabled by taking the nutritional supplement ProArgi-9+ on a daily basis.

The primary ingredients of ProArgi-9+ are l-arginine and l-citrulline, which the body uses to produce nitric oxide. Other ingredients include antioxidants and folic acid, which protect the newly formed nitric oxide against oxidative destruction.

ProArgi9+ is the only l-arginine supplement listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, which describes it as “the world’s highest quality l-arginine supplement”

ProArgi-9+ was developed by Synergy Worldwide in collaboration with Dr J Joseph Prendergast, a leading endocrinologist of over 40 years, who has conducted pioneering research in the effective application of L-arginine for cardiovascular support. Dr Prendergast was awarded the 2008 American Diabetes Association “Father of the Year” award because “he has saved more lives than any other physician in the USA through his progressive medical protocols, including l-arginine” and because he had clinically tested and documented more than 6,000 of his own patients and had not admitted one patient to the hospital or lost one patient through heart attack or stroke, over 19 years.  (The 6,000 patients have now risen to over 8,000.)

Dr Prendergast has been personally using L-arginine and recommending it in his medical practice.  He says “Arginine benefits the body in a myriad of ways.  We have now learned more about how arginine uses the two natural pathways into the brain to promote anti-ageing properties, sports performance, and boost the immune system.  Because arginine promotes healthy blood flow, it can also benefit human sexuality.  We can’t ignore the power of arginine any longer!”

ProArgi-9+ is used as part of the routine standard of care for all patients by the High Desert Heart Institute of Victorville, California, which provides primary care and heart disease services in an outpatient setting and is widely respected for its care of high risk patients.  This is because of a study it conducted in 2009, the most comprehensive human clinical study on a supplement to date, on patients for whom nothing further could be done other than receiving a heart transplant, and who after being given 4 servings of ProArgi-9+ per day for 90 days each “showed a tremendous improvement in many, many objective data points that only can be attributed to ProArgi-9 …