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Cardiovascular Health


For Optimum Health

Keep your body healthy at a cellular level

The body is a remarkable machine, with the ability to self-heal and achieve amazing feats. The best way to keep fit and healthy is to give your body what it needs to do what it does naturally.


ProArgi-9+ is is the highest quality l-arginine supplement in the world. This proprietary formulation combines the powerful cardiovascular benefits of l-arginine with a variety of superior heart health ingredients to give your cardiovascular system optimum support.”  (The 2015 US Physicians’ Desk Reference).

This powerful mix of vitamins and minerals work together to increase levels of Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide, considered “the body’s natural cardiovascular wonder drug”, by Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis J. Ignarro in his 2005 National Bestseller entitled “NO More Heart Disease”, plays an important role in helping the body to work efficiently.

Through this improved flow of oxygen-rich blood to cells, Nitric Oxide helps your body to function healthily, carry out repairs and remove harmful toxins.

  • support healthy cardiovascular and inflammatory response
  • protect against heart disease and strokes
  • maintain healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels
  • increase your energy levels
  • boost the nervous and immune system
  • control the symptoms of diabetes
  • support healthy sexual functioning
  • improve sports performance
  • help reduce LDL oxidisation
  • combat negative effects of premature cardiovascular aging
  • Great for athletes

Dr. Esselstyn, “The Most Important Organ for Your Heart” – VIDEO: 2 min

Dubbed the “miracle molecule”, Nitric Oxide was found to play an important role in helping the body look after itself by three American scientists who won a Nobel Prize in 1998 for their “discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system”.

When produced by the innermost cell layers of the arteries, the endothelium, Nitric Oxide rapidly spreads through the cell membranes to the underlying muscle cells and turns off their contraction function. This causes the arteries to dilate resulting in improved circulation and maintenance of arterial wall integrity, helping to regulate the flow of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to every cell of the body.


L-Arginine triggers delivery of Nitric Oxide into your body.

With the enhanced flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to every cell, your body is better equipped to:

  • help regulate blood pressureby relaxing blood vessels
  • reduce blood viscosity and lower the risk of blood clots
  • fight viral, bacterial and parasitic infections
  • promote wound healing when injury occurs
  • improve metabolism
  • increase flow of blood to sexual organs
  • remove waste products from the body
  • maintain the ability to store and retrieve long term memories


ProArgi-9+ is a pure and potent blend of superior natural ingredients carefully combined for optimum health. It contains 5 grams of free-form, pharmaceutical grade pure L-Arginine; a vital amino acid which converts to Nitric Oxide inside the body.


Promotes production of Nitric Oxide to support cardiovascular health, the vital organs and the body systems through enhanced blood flow.


Combined with the time-release effects of L-Citrulline, ProArgi-9+ allows for longer production of Nitric Oxide in the body.

Vitamin C

To contribute towards the normal functioning of the nervous and immune system, cellular repair and combatting against fatigue.

Vitamin D3

To help the body absorb calcium and maintain bone health, support healthy cardiovascular function and inflammatory response.

Vitamin B6 in B12

Together these vitamins play an important role in normal red blood formation and decreasing homocysteine levels.

Vitamin K2

Is strong inhibitor of arterial calcification and helps in the regulation of blood clotting by transporting calcium around the body.